Friday, January 23, 2009

The Short Happy Life of a Starbucks Wrap

I go to Starbucks everyday. I like dark coffee. This thought isn't about Starbucks, though. This morning I was waiting for my coffee and looking at the wraps, sandwiches and other hot food on display in the counter. Instead of pictures of food, as in a diner, Starbucks actually presents samples of its hot food. I assume that the hot sandwiches and wraps, on display all day, are tossed out at closing time--they couldn't survive a 15-18 hour shift in the semi-open air. (The muffins and prepackaged cold sandwiches--I wonder.) When you go to a diner, or one of those big New York style delis, the pre-made sandwiches are there for you to buy--I pray they don't survive another day, but who knows. The deserts in the rotating desert station are there to be consumed. But the Starbucks sandwiches are like live advertisements for themselves. They have sacrificed their lives so that others may be eaten and we may feel full. Like the common fly, they only live for day.

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