Friday, January 16, 2009

Stupidity + Technology = Big Trouble

An executive from the PR firm that represents FedEx flew down to Memphis to meet with his clients a few days ago. The PR executive sent out a Twitter when he landed that he could never imagine living in a place like Memphis. Unfortunately someone from the FedEx team waiting for the executive was following the Twitter. Needless to say, the people from FedEx who pay the PR firm millions of dollars a year in fees were not amused. God only knows what possessed the PR man to let loose with such an idiotic comment--and who was he expecting to shake their heads in agreement--because sending out a Twitter, or an email, isn't the same thing as having a thought bubble pop harmlessly over your head. I'm not sure I quite see the benefit of Twitter myself--sending out headlines on a minute by minute basis seems a bit much, both from the sender and the receiver's standpoint, but maybe that's just the next logical step in the digtal arms race. Clearly, though, a little technology can be a dangerous thing.

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